Rise of Lazalis: A Starcraft II Project

Bastian B. for Unit: Pioneer

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Unit: Pioneer

Pioneers are disciplined and fiercely loyal infantry who are equipped to handle nearly anything, being a hybrid of a soldier and an engineer. He speaks confidently and with a light german accent.

A voice akin to the Sturmpioneer (https://youtu.be/-hlvsLbCQmc?si=trDsJA9dPyKCSXtj&t=824) would be ideal.

  • english
Voice description:
  • videogame
  • male adult
  • german
  • video game
  • As ready as I'll ever be. \\\\ I will do what is necessary.

  • I will clear the path. \\\\ Of course, with haste.

  • We will win this war, or die trying! \\\\ Remember what you're fighting for!

Bastian B.
Rise of Lazalis: A Starcraft II Project
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