Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast

itsthepinoyboy for Reviere - Prince of Rajan

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Reviere - Prince of Rajan
Paid: Flat Rate 20 USD

Reviere is a minor supporting character with a big personality. He's strong, smart, brave, a prince and a hopeless romantic at heart. 

He often is seen battling demons, saving damsels and trying to woo the MC.

  • My sister is known for her looks, but I think that the Priestess is by far the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.


  • Well, I was under the impression that all of you Jerillians were stuck-up. You avoid touching as much as possible.

Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast
Eternal Love Studios, LLC.

You are invited to the final round of auditions for this character. If interested, please join our Discord for information on the final round. Information is in the Announcements channel.


    Hello! I had received your invite to the final round of auditions for Reviere and Jokine on CCC but the invite had expired when I was able to join the server. Would it be possible to get another link to the server? Thank you so much for the invite!

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