Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast

Skye Redden for Meline - 12-Year-Old

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Meline - 12-Year-Old
Paid: Flat Rate 50 USD
Role assigned to: Archer Devon

Meline is a slightly antagonistic character in Shattered Souls. She is a puppet that is being controlled by the Puppetmaster.

She acts sweet and bubbly but can also be very creepy and chilling.

Voice description:
  • female child
  • female teen
  • If you don’t wake up, I’m eating your portion of breakfast. Mom’s making sweet rolls and-

  • Yet, you’re sleeping so peacefully… under the stars? (VA: “Under the Stars” needs to sound knowing and chilling.)

  • I really hope that you’re right, Shiro. I hope he’s out on an adventure. (Sad and worried about her crush)

Skye Redden
Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast
Eternal Love Studios, LLC.

You are invited to the final round of auditions for this character as well!

    Skye Redden
    Skye Redden

    WooOO! Okay will do submit all of the requested callbacks🫡🫡🫡 how exciting!

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