Retribution - A Fallout: New Vegas Quest Mod

Joseph Bozlinski for Sextus

Voice Actor
Voice Actor

A decanus (Military Officer) put in charge by Caesar to hunt down several hundred slaves who escaped from the city of Bullhead. The primary quest giver of the mod. Sextus is a stoic, well-spoken man whose more self-aware than other legionnaires. However, his occasional bursts of anger in regards to the escaped slaves insinuates he has a more personal stake in their deaths than he lets on.

# of Lines: 162

Demo Line 0 Context: Sextus speaks gravely, being sure the player understands the severity of the situation)

Demo Line 1 Context: Sextus explaining to the player why he's grateful for the Legion. He's softer here, nostalgic, almost sad)

  • english
Voice description:
  • male adult
  • nostalgic
  • stoic
  • Soldier
  • "If your idea of slaves are the Weathers family, strike that from your mind right now. These slaves from Bullhead are battle-hardened gladiators and guerilla fighters. They'll show no mercy, so be sure to do the same."

  • My instructor would always say that a man without a goal is naught but a beast. I think about those words a lot. Think about what I might be if the Legion never took me in. Probably wouldn't be anything at all."

Joseph Bozlinski
Retribution - A Fallout: New Vegas Quest Mod
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