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10th for Zale - 12 Year Old

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Zale - 12 Year Old
Paid: Flat Rate 50 USD
Role assigned to: OfficialJT

Zale is one of the biggest child roles that we have in the game. He appears throughout many routes in Shattered Souls. Zale is a bold 12-year-old boy with a strong desire to protect his 'family'. He's an orphan kid that leads a gang of children. 

Zale's personality is bold and strong-willed. He never backs down from a fight and is a natural-born leader, but he also has a soft side. He can be very hard on himself when he feels like he failed to protect those he loves.

NOTE: Anyone under the age of 18 will have to receive approval from parents/guardians to being accepted for this role. This process includes, but is not limited to, a discord meeting with guardians to discuss the game and content and multiple forms requiring signatures from guardians.

Voice description:
  • male child
  • male teen
  • Yeah right. You wish you would. Go check on the other kids, we’ve gotta discuss things amongst men.

  • You really were born yesterday, weren’t ya? Demons are everywhere in forests like this one. We just have to hope they don’t find us.

  • ‘Course I do. A weak person can’t protect the people he loves. A warrior should be so strong that he doesn’t get hurt.

Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast
Eternal Love Studios, LLC.

Very well done! May we know your age?

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