Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast

Cursed with Glorious Purpose for Meldina - A comforting friend from the past

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Meldina - A comforting friend from the past
Paid: Flat Rate 20 USD
Role assigned to: Whitney_Holland

Meldina is a friend from Marris' past. She's more mature than the rest of the group but still likes to have fun. She's the balance to Jokine's goofy nature.

  • Remember that time your stupid decision landed us trapped in the cave for FOUR DAYS, and your genius self decided to eat the mystery berry?

  • Well, I do! You started talking about giant mushroom clouds and floating fairies. Then you started secreting this horrid stench from every pore of your body!

  • Thank Marris that he found us in time to neutralize the poison! THAT was the worst thing I’ve experienced with you.

Cursed with Glorious Purpose
Shattered Souls - Supporting Cast
Eternal Love Studios, LLC.

Hello! Thank you for your audition! We love your voice. Would you consider auditioning for Raja and lowering your voice ever-so-slightly?

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