Past Pretense

Teche Melancon for Voice Actor - Jonas

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Voice Actor - Jonas
Deferred: Profit Share
Role assigned to: J Hazen

Primary Antagonist (recurring)Mysterious powerful figure with influence all over the world. Grandfather has ties to a dark past that seem connected to Jonas in the present day. Leads a cabal that is desperate to keep the truth from public knowledge.

  • english
Voice description:
  • male adult
  • german
  • (arrogantly) I am merely suggesting that perhaps the reason England has not won a major trophy in…however long it has been now ... .is because they aren’t physically up to the standards of the world football powers.

  • (with absolute authority) No. No, don’t alert anyone else. If the others ask, stall for time. I can be on a flight that way in three hours.

  • (agitated) I need you to calm down. This isn’t unexpected, that is why we have protocols in place for this very event. I will make a few calls, and have everyone there in the next 48 hours. Just….don't do anything stupid. I’ll send you further instructions when I’m in the air.

Teche Melancon
Past Pretense
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