[G1] The Grimm Legacy , Sims Machinima / Let’s Play

Joseph Bozlinski for Theodore Grimm

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Theodore Grimm
cast offsite

He is Family Oriented, Introverted, Nerdy, Gentle, & Brilliant. Seen as a “grumpy” type. Theo is definitely the type to keep to himself. He is known as a “wallflower” in high school. However, he is super intelligent and tech savvy. He has two friends that he tolerates. He seems grumpy and "mysterious", he doesn't have the best reputation in school. All rumors, nothing real to back it up. He grew up in and out of foster homes, and now he lives with his dad though its not the best situation.

Voice description:
  • Only Expressionate Around Certain People
  • male young adult
  • deadpan
  • Monotone
  • Sarcastic
  • [ a passive suggestion, not fully secure about his offer, shy ] i can keep you company. they are all afraid of me so they won’t bother you.

  • [ sarcastic, annoyed ] Congratulations, you've won the award for stating the absolute fucking obvious.

  • [ exhausted ] if i have to think about one more thing today, my head will explode.

Joseph Bozlinski
[G1] The Grimm Legacy , Sims Machinima / Let’s Play
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