The Call of the Flame: Villadius (recast)

Richard Gibson for Villadius

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
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An Elvan Magnir, who incites the quest to Bri—as well as functions as the point of view character for political matters in Wynhold. He’s a council member, a magic user who once drew power from the Chieftan of Gods, whose seat is under threat by his lifelong friend/lover rival: Ultovin—a Sorseer who draws from the Deep God for power.

In the beginning, he seems fair and wise, as any mentor figure should. But as the series progresses, we find him to be more flawed than he seems. Close-minded, his interest in balance less about Godly power, but political power, for which the sacrifice of his allies is more trivial. He will consider no alternatives to the conflict that do not place him favorably in the eyes of his peers. Despite this, he is fully convinced his actions are justified and are for a greater cosmic good.

Voice: Youthful yet sagely. Wise yet arrogant. "Gentle as a Summer breeze". He's often formal, and if anything, it should give the subject matter of his dialogue weight--but it also allows for moments of hilarity at his expense. The Elvans of Hymerthral have a canonical accent that is similar to Mediterannean, but it is highly fictionalized, so accuracy is not a high priority.

Of course, the elephant in the room is that he was previously voiced by Stephen Cumberworth. And while it's important to match aspects of his performance, I don't recommend doing a full on impression. I'd take influence from his manner of speaking and tone and use his accent as a guide. What's more important is doing the character justice.

  • english
Voice description:
  • male adult
  • mediterranean
  • radio drama
  • “Hymerthral is my home my Lady, and it is indeed far across the sea. But I have lived west of the Wynland Kingdom well before you were born. So it was neither a long nor short journey for me.”

  • "To the Senator Hariklas of Imperata: Long-time worshippers of Rhuadu the Chieftan of Gods, I implore you resist and reject the leadership of the conqueror—no—the usurper Neradial. You have the strongest army, the finest ships. There are many who despise the Usurper. An act of rebellion would be joined with like-minded lands in the Elvan country, and Hymerthral as well— [Sigh, then groan] Dier kellene!"

  • "I've been sitting in the Shrine of the Chieftan for two hours waiting to continue your lessons, and not only were you awake, but you were here, training with a sword?"

Richard Gibson
The Call of the Flame: Villadius (recast)
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