Calamity Cab Ep.1

Richard Gibson for The Watcher - FILLED

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
The Watcher - FILLED
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Role assigned to: VoidofVoices


Role : This role will have a small part in almost every episode as an opener and within the story, roughly 900 words for now.

Character Name: The Watcher

General Description: An omnipotent, ethereal entity whose presence transcends time and space. The Watcher communicates with humans through the radio in cars, imbuing every broadcast with a sense of mystery, wisdom, and caution. Its true form is unknowable, its origins are shrouded in enigma, and its motives are complex and not entirely understood.

Personality: The Watcher is always observing, always vigilant. It is both cryptic and direct, filled with wisdom that borders on prophetic. While it is a neutral entity, its tone often contains an undercurrent of concern and caution, warning travelers of impending dangers or guiding them on the right path. It tends to speak in riddles and metaphors, leading the listener to reflect on their choices and actions.

Motivations: The Watcher’s motivations are as enigmatic as its origins. It appears to have a vested interest in the fate of humanity, often guiding individuals towards choices that might lead to growth or evolution. Yet, it maintains a cosmic neutrality, seemingly bound by a code that prevents it from interfering directly with mortal affairs.


  • Omnipotence: The Watcher has unlimited power and knowledge of all things across all dimensions and timelines.

  • Transcendental Communication: It can communicate through any car radio, transforming into any frequency and signal strength.

  • Temporal Manipulation: The Watcher can provide insights or warnings based on events from any point in time.

  • Telepathy: It can read the minds of those it communicates with, often addressing their deepest thoughts and fears.

  • Indirect Influence: Despite its omnipotence, The Watcher has a self-imposed limit on its abilities, preferring to guide rather than control or force outcomes.

  • Dependent on Radio Technology: Its communication is limited to the technology of car radios. It cannot manifest physically or speak through other means.

  • Incomprehensible Complexity: The wisdom and advice of The Watcher can be difficult to comprehend or interpret, leading to misunderstandings.

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Richard Gibson
Calamity Cab Ep.1
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