Passage: A Job Interview Simulator! Voice Acting Auditions

Richard Gibson for Final Boss: Akio

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Final Boss: Akio
Paid: Flat Rate 60 USD
Role assigned to: Marlon

Final Boss. CEO of Eden Corporation. A young prodigy who quickly rose to fame. Creator of The Passage Program. Is very bored with life and wants gods involved in human affairs. Confident, cocky, and morally ambiguous. 

Voice description:
  • androgynous
  • “Eden Corporation is changing lives!”

  • “Quite intriguing.”

  • “HAHAHAHAHAHAH!” [maniacal laugh]

Richard Gibson
Passage: A Job Interview Simulator! Voice Acting Auditions
Indie Game Developer & Cat Lover

Thanks for the multiple takes and auditions :) Much appreciated!!

    Richard Gibson

    Hope you enjoyed them! Do let me know if you have any questions regarding my range; I have additional samples on my CCC page and am happy to answer what questions I can!

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