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Willow for Evelyn Sarros

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Evelyn Sarros
Role assigned to: Vonlowe

Fae - 70's (developmentally late 20's) - Female

Evelyn came from a well-to-do Fae family on the southern coast of Ardu-Shámzi, the Fae kingdom. At thirteen, she ran off to join a band of pirates - and, was promptly dragged back. With three more escape attempts in the next ten years, eventually her parents let her leave with her uncle, a merchant who traded goods across the coast. But those early, teenage years of a short-lived life on the deck of a pirate's ship was never quite shaken, and she spent years chasing that thrill. And, for the fifth time of her life, at age forty, she left her uncle's side to join a raiding crew, under the influence of a particularly fascinating woman...

Evelyn became renowned for her skill on deck, and eventually became captain of one of the most notorious ships in the Southern Sea - but, all luck must end. She was dragged before the Fae court, and turned back out as a highly successful privateer. 

Voice: Any! Surprise us :)

Voice description:
  • storyboard demo
  • female adult
  • You either sink or swim, love.

  • I trust her. Her, and no one else.

  • Oh, you think you could last a day out there?

The Games: The Series

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