RPG Fighting Game

Richard Gibson for Badger

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Paid: Flat Rate 100 USD
Role assigned to: windlighthub

An adrenaline junky rogue/thief with a mysterious past and nature, enjoys pranks, cracking jokes and taking long naps, sometimes can work as an assassin for hire. He prides himself on his ability to retrieve anything from anywhere no matter how secure a location thinks it is, he loves the opportunity to take on the challenge. Despite all that he loves to take life slow & easy and just sit back and relax and believes everyone should do the same, typically remarks on how he doesn't understand people who take life way too seriously and why they can't just stop and enjoy the fun.

Speaks with a medium-high tone voice vaguely similar to: Every Hawks Moment in Season 6 (DUB) - YouTube

  • english
Voice description:
  • video game
  • male adult
  • all american accents
  • male young adult
  • male senior
  • adult
  • videogame
  • male teen
  • black american
Other info:
  • screaming
  • scream
  • living and breathing
  • The name's Badger...! (Friendly, introduction, calm, relaxed, peaceful, medium energy)

  • I'll take that~ (Snarky, snide, cocky, delivered like a quip, quick one liner, delivered as if snatching something from someone with ease)

  • Now you see me... Now you won't! (slightly aggressive, delivered when disappearing from view, as if making a quick escape from someone's sight)

Richard Gibson
RPG Fighting Game
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