Novel-Length Sci-fi Production -- Deep Down Inside

Joseph Bozlinski for Alien Miner #2

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Alien Miner #2
Paid: Flat Rate 15 USD
Role assigned to: Alanon

Miner #2 (Zorlock) is one of two alien miners who are near the end of a long space recon flight.  Zllbreath is ambitious and less cantankerous than his counterpart, Zilbreath, but still just as lazy.  Looking for a deeper and more gutteral type of voice, but not a requirement.  

  • english
  • “Sir, I’ve got ‘em!  Scanners have identified four carbon life forms traveling together not far from here.”

  • “Well… let’s just snatch a few involuntary participants from the surface, implant the OCMs, and let THEM do all the work for us.  Once the devices are turned on inside them, they’ll do whatever tasks we instruct them to do…lab assistant, rock handler, sample taker, data compiler, and even… ”

  • "Sir, the scanners all just went crazy.  It’s that blue/green planet, the third one.  The chemistry and metallurgical sensor readings are off the charts! Zorn! I’ve never seen a planet with this much tungsten!”

Joseph Bozlinski
Novel-Length Sci-fi Production -- Deep Down Inside
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