Novel-Length Sci-fi Production -- Deep Down Inside

Joseph Bozlinski for Alien Miner #1

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Alien Miner #1
Paid: Flat Rate 15 USD
Role assigned to: RichardBraddock

Miner #1 (Zilbreath) is the superior of two alien miners who are near the end of a long space recon flight.  Zllbreath is tired and irritable and kind of lazy at this point in their journey.  Looking for a deeper and more gutteral type of voice, but not a requirement.  

  • english
  •  (getting more impatient) "Which of you is the leader?" (pause…clicking button again)  "WHICH OF YOU IS THE LEADER?" 

  • “Let me see….Tungsten… Magnesium…. Oxygen…. Carbon… Fluorine….Yark!  (alien expletive :P)  It’s gonna take almost an entire day just to catalog it all.  Not to mention the fact we’ll now have to subdue or eliminate the entire population of….SIX BILLION?!

  • “You know, Zorlock, you aren't always as dumb as I thought you were!”

Joseph Bozlinski
Novel-Length Sci-fi Production -- Deep Down Inside
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