Something Different: Manga Oneshot (Animated Panels w/ Voice Acting)

Winn Manning for Silhouette/ McNielgy

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Silhouette/ McNielgy
Role assigned to: Raymond Comeros

These two characters will be played by the same actor and will have different voices. 

The Silhouette a spirit that talks with a suspenseful and hateful attitude. Since he isn't human and is thousands of years old, he has a sort of a mysterious echo to his voice. 

McNielgy is an old man in his mid 60's who talks as your typical boomer who hates all the younger generation. He also has a hateful tone towards everyone but in a more sinister way, compared to the silhouette who is mainly tired of dealing with humans and isn't out to kill or put them in danger. Whereas McNielgy is spiteful towards all the younger ones and will kill them if given the chance.

  • Page 33 Panel 5:

    Silhouette: It seems like it's too early for me to talk about your Nullity Art. But before I go... I'm distorting your sense of time.

  • Page 39 Panel 5:

    McNielgy: Let me be the first to tell you all how disappointed I am in all of your worthless lives. Disgusting, vile, miserable excuses for human beings. There's a special place in hell for all of you!"

Winn Manning
Something Different: Manga Oneshot (Animated Panels w/ Voice Acting)
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