Star Wars: Knights of Zakuul Film Series (Recasting)

Joseph Bozlinski for Kashan

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Paid: Flat Rate 140 USD
Role assigned to: JQWalker

Loyal to his/her calling and brave to the bitter end. Valiant to any battle but not complacent with any approaching victory. He/She lacks patience and lashes out in the face of volatile situations but is always able to listen to good leadership. His/Her years of mistreatment as a Knight of Zakuul generates more and more pent up hatred for those responsible. But to do anything about it, he/she risks becoming a traitor to the Eternal Empire. Therefore risking certain death.

  • “Thrice now you impotent wastrels have attempted to ambush and cripple my resolve for what I only see is complete jealousy!"

  •  “As gratifying as this feels, I don’t wish to ignore the varieties of combat."

  • "Pureus, (Pure-us) I realise what you’re doing. You and I both know he’s too powerful to take on alone. We can fight him with you if you let us”

Joseph Bozlinski
Star Wars: Knights of Zakuul Film Series (Recasting)
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