Jawbreaker (2023)

ladybird for Faceless Gang Woman 01

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Faceless Gang Woman 01
Role assigned to: Maganda Marie

A member of The Faceless Gang: Faceless Woman 01 is cold and hateful (she's the character with the satanic mask on the Steam page). Some inspiration would be a female version of The Hoods #6 from Manhunt (example). 

Each character will also need some folly sounds:

  • Idle sounds x3 (exhaling, mumbling, growling, laughing, etc. depending on the gang members personality above)

  • Attack sounds x3 (exerting force while swinging weapon)

  • Death sound x1 (pain)

  • Where do you think you're going pretty boy!? (yelled when player spotted)

  • If you come out, we’ll let you live…

  • I’m starting to get pissed off now, you wouldn't want that? (looking for the Protagonist)

Jawbreaker (2023)
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