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About ladybird

Ladybird is a performance artist of many talents pursuing being a singer songwriter, live performer, producer and voice over artist. She also has a popular online presence streaming music and a variety of content on Twitch every week!

She operates in Ableton Live (DAW), sound treated room, Scarlett Focusrite and a Shure SM7B XLR microphone.

self represented | non- union| quick turn around with lots of communication

She has 2 years professional experience in VO and over 15 years in music. After taking 2 courses in voice acting she now meets for private lessons in Houston. Under the guidance of Raquael Torres she hones her skills and only gets better at her passions.

Udemy online courses - 2022

Be a voice actor: making a living with your voice

Instructed by Laci Morgan
Udemy online learning - 2022

Voice acting + character voices for video games and animation

Instructed by voice over masterclass, peter baker
udemy online courses - 2022

voice-over marketing: Get more voice over jobs in less time

Instructed by voiceover masterclass, peter baker
Radio City Lounge - 2023

Private lessons

Instructed by Raquael Torres

I began private lessons with Raquael late 2023 to improve my acting and therefore my voice acting! I've improved leaps and bounds since then.


$0.25/word for SFW

$0.30/word for softcore

$0.35/word for NSFW (to my discretion)

What ladybird is looking for

i love character voices so i prefer to work on video games! but i also LOVE animation <3
but my voice is versatile so i'm down for just about anything <3
I also am a full time musician performing, writing lyrics, and writing songs for people. I have many originals and am excited about my album "a pay to play world" out on all streaming platforms! <3