Jawbreaker (2023)

Jackson Henderson for Faceless Gang Man 03

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Faceless Gang Man 03
Role assigned to: Jackson Henderson

A member of The Faceless Gang: Faceless Man 03 is mentally drained, raspy, hates everything about his current situation (he's the skinny character with the skull mask on the Steam page), some inspiration would be The Smileys #6 from Manhunt (example). Feel free to try other members of the gang as well if you can do multiple voices!

Each character will also need some folly sounds:

  • Idle sounds x3 (exhaling, mumbling, growling, laughing, etc. depending on the gang members personality above)

  • Attack sounds x3 (exerting force while swinging weapon)

  • Death sound x1 (pain)

  • Oh you fucked up now! (yelled when player spotted)

  • Better him than me, fuck this place…

  • We should just leave him for the freaks at sundown…

Jackson Henderson
Jawbreaker (2023)
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