D&D Animatic Youtube Series (Tall Tavern Tales) Additional roles

Anthony Proctor for Tychus (Medium Supporting role)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Tychus (Medium Supporting role)
Paid: Flat Rate 35 USD

When you audition, please follow us IG/Twitter to stay up to date on the project and see some of the artwork!
twitter: @talltaverntales
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKrL_NNrCHltEXd1RzOqL9g

Tychus is the main bad guy. An evil human wizard. His time spent working with dark magic has literally sucked the life out of him. He believes what he does is right...but that does not make it so.

Looking for a middle to deep voice. a bit raspy. Needs to sound threatening but still human.

American or British accent was what we thought of initially. But if you feel like you have a better idea... Surprise us!

  • (scoffing laugh)

    Aaah... I was wondering who they would send. Were there no more innocent people for you to sacrifice? Or does the great Marcus the kind finally fight his own battles!?

  • (as if speaking to a large crowd around him) 

    So it IS true! The man of mercy comes to finish what he started! What...was killing my teacher not enough for you? And poor Celeste...(voice breaks as he tries to hold back tears. Then speaks more softly) Was the death of my wife not enough for you?

  • (interrupts someone trying to explain himself)

    ...Oh don't you dare speak to me about fate. You lied to us. You promised purpose and life and you LIED TO US! (forces himself to calm down) But it matters not. You see...we no longer need your God anymore. We no longer need YOU anymore.
    (quiet and sinister) See my old friend? We no longer need anyone anymore. We have everything we want.

Anthony Proctor
D&D Animatic Youtube Series (Tall Tavern Tales) Additional roles
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