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Jodi Hansen for Eric Espada

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Eric Espada
Paid: Flat Rate 25 USD

Eric is Burger's main male best friend. He doesn't get into as much adventures as Burger and Lauren does. He disapproves of Lauren's treatment of Burger and has to look out for him when he ends up accidentally getting into trouble when they hang out. Lauren also has a crush on him and that creeps him out.

As with Burger, we're going for the whole "female voicing young boy" vibe in cartoons, but guys are also welcome to audition as Eric is supposed to be a bit older than Burger is.

  • Hey Burger, you wanna stop by the arcade with me?

  • Your sister's creeping me out, dude. Did she hit you again?

  • Burger! Look out for that cliff!

Jodi Hansen
LWBiverse Cartoon Shorts
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