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Jodi Hansen for Sunny Flores

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Sunny Flores
Paid: Flat Rate 25 USD

Sunny is one of the town's local supervillains and Burger's arch nemesis. She's usually in the middle of an evil plan or doing grocery shopping, until she spots Burger and drops everything just to fight him. On duty, she serves to be somewhat of a good boss who treats her henchmen well (unless they (inevitably) fail to help her ruin Burger's day, in which she throws an angry tantrum.)

The voice we're trying to go for with her is "maniacal but cute" with a dash of "spoiled brat". Something most people wouldn't take seriously.

  • With this device, I can get rid of all of the grass in the park! And when all the grass is gone, that jerk groundskeeper can't yell at me for being on the grass anymore because THERE'LL BE NO GRASS! (evil laugh)

  • We meet again, Burger Garrett! You won't foil my plans this time, especially when I kick your ass!

  • Look at the dog, sweetie! He likes you! Now clean up his mess before I get back, love ya!

Jodi Hansen
LWBiverse Cartoon Shorts
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