Isekai Visual Novel (Coffee Bunny Games)

Richard Gibson for Spider Guy (Name to be Given Later)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Spider Guy (Name to be Given Later)
Paid: Flat Rate 200 USD
Role assigned to: dillontaylorva

Age: (unknown) appears to be in his mid-late 30's
Voice: Very suave and relaxed. Debonaire. medium/deeper
Voice idea: a somewhat deeper Kurama from yu yu hakusho

Note: No Accent

  • "Now now, let's all relax. We don't want to leave a bad impression, do we?"

    (said to calm down your comrades. relaxing)

  • "Please don't make the mistress angry. It would be quite...unfortunate if you did so."

    (Threatening, yet still suave)

  • "Can't you see? I don't want to be here. i NEVER wanted to be here! YOU are the cause of all this misery!"

    (loses his cool, angry, showing much more emotion that normal)

Richard Gibson
Isekai Visual Novel (Coffee Bunny Games)
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