Radio Play- AI Generated Surrealist Horror Short "The Man"

Richard Gibson for Narrator

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Paid: Flat Rate 50 USD
Role assigned to: MystyleYt

I would love a Darkest Dungeon type narration, but am open to anything that fits the bizarre intensity of the script. Always open to try new things.

I am partial to fairly slow line reads that add to the strange and intense ambience. 

  • He reaches out and drags the two into the darkness. His arms close around them, surrounding them like a shield, as the blood flows from beneath them, out of the abyss. the blood hanging from a ledge. Chas becomes exalted.

  • The rough- hewn voice of the Man is sated in the great cathedral of space. He takes her hand as they stride among the stars. Behind them the portal opens, and they march into the bright white lights of the beach

  • The Girl's eyes flash. She stops. All around them, people are dying. Betty's eyes go wide. She is being torn apart. There is a noise above. The Man emerges from the shadows, his back to her, but he isn't running away. He stops.

Richard Gibson
Radio Play- AI Generated Surrealist Horror Short "The Man"
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