Star Wars; The Book of Boba Fett REWRITE

Joseph David Spence for Boba Fett

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Boba Fett
Paid: Flat Rate 20 USD

I'm looking for the best Temura Morrison impression you can give me. I want this voice to sound as close to his roles as Boba Fett, Jango Fett, and the Clone Troopers as possible.

  • should sound calm, but with an edge of danger to it.

    “Tatooine is mine now. If you pledge your loyalty to me now, I can assure you your…business will continue to thrive under my watchful eye.”

  • Should sound urgent, then firm.

    "Fennec! He's no good to us dead."

  • Should sound almost regretful, but mostly matter-of-fact.

    (in response to saying 'I wish I had a thousand men like you') "Someone did once. It didn't end well for them."

Joseph David Spence
Star Wars; The Book of Boba Fett REWRITE
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