The Rat (Human Dub Edition)

Joshua Nicholson for The Rabbit

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
The Rabbit
Role assigned to: Joshua Nicholson

Although this is a comedy the rabbit's lines must be delivered seriously. Although he is a being that has lived for centuries, he remains a simple character without big picture goals. The Rabbit has an english accent.

  • He has finally found the monkey and speaks in a serious tone: 

    "Monkey, my arch nemesis, I have allowed you to live unpunished for too long. Ever since you stole my chicken crimpy shapes, I have sworn my entire life to taking my revenge and finally destroying you!"

  • He is trying to explain a complicated concept to the monkey seriously:

    "Monkey, You don't seem to understand. I'm trying to kill you. You don't get to choose who gets to speak first or who gets the first line."

  • The rabbit has already won the fight and is explaining how the rat has missed such an obvious mistake (speak in normal speed):

    "(laughter), allow me to explain. You see, I have written a statement of intention for my essay on Macbeth using the format of topic, point, comment and link and I solved a quadratic equation using the completing the square rule to find the parabola in turning point form... last month."

Joshua Nicholson
The Rat (Human Dub Edition)
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