I Will Be Perfect (Original Animated Movie)

Erin Culpepper for Grace

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Paid: Flat Rate 20 USD
Role assigned to: MagicEm

Kind, studious, people pleaser, independent, intelligent, caring, confident (seems on the outside but is she really?), clever, hardworking, impressive, mature, optimistic, organized, perfectionist, reliable, romantic, skillful, determined, overachiever, punctual. 

voice type: high pitched clear voice but not too high pitched

  • No, she’s coming. She’s my friend and she’s coming over! You can’t choose my friends for me. I’m sorry but that’s just something you can’t control. (Angry)

  • Well I guess we’re partners. Um, I’ve never seen you here before. Are you new? (Curious)

  • *cries*

Erin Culpepper
I Will Be Perfect (Original Animated Movie)
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