Danganronpa: SHOWDOWN! VA's needed!

Richard Gibson for Fenris

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Paid: 3 USD per line
cast offsite

[Medium-Low, Low Range.]

A man with a clear sense of importance. His mind is as sharp as his blades, and has clearly had experience as a leader. He gives off the façade that very little will crack at his ego and face of a cool figure-- however, it actually takes very little to make him annoyed and foul mouthed, occasionally littering his words with passive aggression and sarcasm when he becomes offended. He favors those who can hold their own in an argument without backing down or being intimidated by his appearance or status.

Fenris’ spine has been cyber enhanced and surfaces from his back in a protruding fashion. He is able to control large mechanical appendages in the shape of spider limbs from the spine’s nerve endings that allow him to grab items, climb walls, and use his vast collection of swords with ease. 

  • [Curious] "Hm. I’ve noticed that you seem to be a little too humble for a Draycon Tournament Participant. If we weren’t in such a harrowing situation, I would have expected you to sound more proud of your position."

  • [Smug, definitely has a shit eating grin] "Do you dislike me, or not? Make up your damn mind."

  • [Angry, Scary] "I’m not a nice person! If you aren’t scared of me, I suggest you act like you are, and run away with your tail between your legs."

Richard Gibson
Danganronpa: SHOWDOWN! VA's needed!
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