The Wind Waker: English Dub - Second Quest

Victoria Stam for VOCALISTS (The Wind Waker Chorus)

VOCALISTS (The Wind Waker Chorus)
cast offsite

Seeking male and female vocalists of all skill levels.

-In a comment below your audition, provide the following information: Vocal range, preferred singing part (Soprano, Alto, Baritone, etc.)
-In addition, you may provide a singing demo reel. Provide a link via Google Drive or refer to your CCC profile. You can also or email us at: voices[at]zeldauniverse[dot]net

-AVAILABILITY: Anytime between October 2021 through April 31, 2022.


    Follow the information provided (above) and submit your singing part to this audition post. You must complete the singing part from start to finish.

    Singing parts are all separated by Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Bass. Sheet music and an audio reference is also provided.

Victoria Stam
The Wind Waker: English Dub - Second Quest
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