Civilization Restored: A Post-Apocalyptic Story

Devin_DK for Silver (Ghoul)

Voice Actor
Voice Actor
Silver (Ghoul)
Role assigned to: Devin_DK

Ghoul who has a shiny silver pigment to his skin; Master Strategist. He may be a Ghoul, but is mind was not affected by the radiation. He is one of the smartest the wastes has to offer. 

Its a ghoul, but other than that ANY Accent or voice is welcomed. Have fun with the character. 

  • [Annoyed at Burke's brash attitude] 

    Well, charm is just flowing out of your ass huh?

  • [Explaining what he thinks about the Frontier squads are doing outside of New D.C]

    We all know Quinn is paranoid about his society crumbling, hench the scarp wall. I think he sent the frontier out to kill flock members and whoever crosses their path.. He is sending a message to us. 

Civilization Restored: A Post-Apocalyptic Story
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