A jack of all aspirations

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About SteeleRam

I do literally anything and everything.

To what degree, you ask? 360 degrees.

You can find my list of skills in the profile tags.

I've made animated lyrics videos, long form show critiques, videogame music, and so... so much more.

Texas State University - 2025

Mass Communications in Electronic Media

Instructed by

Entirely dependent on your type of project. If you need a quote please consult with me.

What SteeleRam is looking for

A project that knows what it wants to be. 

I can do voice acting and editing for whatever you need, as long as your vision and plan is flawless.

  • @deleted162954

    SteeleRam is currently one of my VA for the project Persona 5 Regal Renaissance and a scriptwriter for the group I run called Tatakaro studios. Steele is a very talented person in regard to his willingness to help other VA and asking people questions to better themselves. I would recommend Steele in a heartbeat to any director who looking for a VA or scriptwriter who goes beyond what he asked to do so it can help others shine.