Heya! I'm Bardometer, an aspiring composer and arranger. If you're interested, all of my work can be found through this Linktree:

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About Bardometer

I've been composing and arranging music since January 2020, and since then, I've been expanding to all kinds of genres and even live performances.

Aside from music, I do a lot of editing, as well as some light graphic design and voiceover work. I won 1st place in the SkillsUSA Audio/Radio state competition in 2022 and placed 9th in the subsequent national competition.

I am proficient with Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and all Google and Microsoft applications. I am a multi-instrumentalist, but my main focus is the piano/keyboard. Other instruments include bass, guitar, and alto sax. Likewise, I am knowledgeable on all genres of music, but I am most familiar with jazz, rock, EDM, and fusion.

I have a basic understanding of Spanish, German, and French.

All of these listed skills, from applications to languages, are expected to grow steadily, so I welcome any challenges or opportunities to do something new!

Weaver Academy - 2023

Piano (Beginner through Advanced)

Instructed by Mark Freudnt

Completed over the course of 4 years with straight A's.

Weaver Academy - 2023

Honors & AP Music Theory

Instructed by James Defiglia

Completed over the course of 1 year.


This document outlines my standard pricing for commissions:

Regardless of what the documents says, I am more than willing to accommodate with whatever payment I have to work with. 

What Bardometer is looking for

I'm a very big fan of video games. Nearly all of my covers have been from video game soundtracks. I would love to work on anything adjacent to video game stuff, but I'm open to everything.

  • @kotafett

    I am currently working with Bardometer on a project and i highly recommend them. They are extremally polite and coruler. In working with them i found they are not only full of creativity but, true talent as well. Anyone who chooses to cast them will find that they bring something special to the project. They are not afraid to go above and beyond. Where most individuals will focus just on completing the task and getting done, they are not afraid to help make a simple project truly inspiring. I would highly recommend bardometer to anyone on a project.