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About Sienna :P

Yo, I'm Sienna. I'm 14 years old and I've been acting for about six years, though exclusively theatre and musical theatre until recently. My larger roles include: Scar-The Lion King (Musical Production), Snoozy-Snow white and the Seven Dwarves, and Violet-Charlie and the Chocolate Factory(Musical Production). Recently I've been dabbling in voice acting and am currently in a production of a Homestuck voice over as Aranea Serket. I am hoping to practice my voice acting to grow as an actor, I aspire to work in the film industry when I'm older and gaining experience would be helpful. Thank you and I hope that you'll consider hiring me for a role!


I don't charge for any of my services unless it's preferred, I am only practicing my works and wouldn't want to charge for clumsy work.

What Sienna :P is looking for

I am looking to work in any kind of projects! I am very open to anything to help polish and work on my skills. Comic dubs, Original Works, Promotional content, Anything!! You name it:)