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Neo Phantom

Currently holding my head above water

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About Neo Phantom

I would like to bring (if possible) high quality fan creations. Though it may almost never hit the bar, it is indeed at least decent.

My pronouns are she/they

Self Taught - 2009


Instructed by Myself

My school didn't teach me crap mostly. Sure, there were the occasional teacher that would actually TEACH, but I've mostly taught myself everything I know. E v e r y t h i n g.

My High School - 2020

English Class

Instructed by Jones

My assingment was to do a podcast. It's horrible, so please don't go looking for it.


I'm free mainly because I have nothing I can accept money in hehe...

What Neo Phantom is looking for

Mostly I'm looking for vioce acting ventures and creative teams I can be a part of. I also look for talent for my poor podcasts and animations.

  • @arm-attack-inc

    Phantom is really good at what they do. Very friendly, creative, and quite the talented VA. They can do quite a variety of voices, and they're pretty impressive, too! I recommend anyone who is looking for a VA to consider Phantom for the job!