Hey! I'm Leo :D

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This is my old account, if you want me go to


Well as I am unexpreinced I don’t expect any payment but if you like my voice and are willing to pay then sure

What Sosigz is looking for

Well as I’m wanting to do my own I am looking for minecraft roleplays or skits but I’ll give any role a go )

  • @cypxher

    tries their best and is hot 

  • @WitchGirl69

    We're currently cast on the same project. they downplay themselves a bit, but they have a really good voice. Their natural vocals are in that sweet spot between an alto and a low tenor giving them the ability to sound genderless, great to cast for any part. By the end of this project, I'm certain they'll be close to seeing the full potential of their voice (if not have fully mastered it) and become even more capable of performing both male and female roles.

  • @arelysse

    I'm hosting a voice acting project with them. They work hard, and also are a friendly person, have good vocals and a good microphone, and also their voice could fit male and female roles. It's a pleasure to work with them

  • @you-know-hoo

    I worked with Sosigz/Leo on my first completed series. They're a really great voice actor, and easy to work with.