Hi! My name is Sophia. I am a trained actor/singer, as well as an experienced voice-user. / [email protected] / Discord: sophiapsiakis / (nonbinary! they/she/he)

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About sophiapsiakis

Hey:) I have been acting and singing since the age of 5 and I love it more than anything (besides my sweet cat, Katara)! I have been training my voice for years in different styles, such as classical singing, rock, narration, and children's content. I would love to voice something for you!

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Michigan State University - 2021

Voice Acting

Instructed by Deric McNish

In this class, I learned how to utilize my voice for different types of VA work. We covered commercials, video games, animation, audiobooks, even voicemail messages.

Michigan State University - 2022

Acting (Drama, Comedy, Improv, Film)

Instructed by Rob Roznowski, Ryan Welsh, Sarah Hendrickson

I've taken a degrees-worth of acting classes! We have covered Drama, Comedy (stand-up, sitcom, Commedia, etc), Improv, and Film! 

Michigan State University - 2023

Musical Theatre

Instructed by Bradley Willcuts, Dave Wendelberger, Alisa Hauser

I've taken various musical theatre classes, dance classes, and voice lessons.