Skylar Artaggat

Skylar Artaggat

Hello! My name is Skylar Artaggat, or Sky for short. I've been involved in performing arts for a majority of my life and only just recently started persuing voice acting. Interactive reel now on profile.

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About Skylar Artaggat

Heyo! My name is Skylar Artaggat, but Sky works too! I am a bisexual content creator on Twitch and Tiktok with a focus on Genshin Impact and voice impression content! I am also a student at Arizona State University, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Digital Media Studies!

I have some education in Acting/Directing. I've taken various classes from time to time; from classes in high school to professionally taught classes in a university setting. As for singing experience, I took piano/voice lessons from age 6-12, and then when my teacher retired, I got involved in choirs throughout my years in middle school. In high school, I was involved in MULTIPLE auditioned, award-winning competitive choirs.

Years of Experience in ACTING: 10+

Years of Experience in VOICE ACTING: 1+
Years of Experience in SINGING: 13+

I have a resume available upon request through an email.



(As of January, 2024)
~Rode NT1 w/ Pop Filter

~Focusrite Scarlet Solo
~Adobe Audition
~Windows Laptop 3

~Fully-insulated sound booth

~Twitter: skylarartaggat
~Discord: SkySchnitzel
~Buisness Email: skylarartaggat

Feel free to check out and/or contact me on any of these platforms if you have any business inquiries!


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I will provide a resume that contains all of my education credits upon request. Please feel free to contact me through email.



Per Word: $0.25
Per Line: $4
Per Hour (of recording): $100

What Skylar Artaggat is looking for

I'm a theatrically trained, musically inclined actor looking to get involved with projects with high energy and fun! My specialty is video games and animation, but I am able to do a wide range of projects!