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We are ASS! (No, not that kind.)

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About Angel Shroom Studios

We're Angel Shroom Studios - a team of voice actors, editors, writers and artists who love creating stories in the Gacha/chibi animation style. Also, we just love Gacha and chibi in general. We mainly focus on stories with elements of magic and animal/human combinations, but once you've established those elements, expect the unexpected from us.

Our current project, Under the Sun, is a Gacha Club series which focuses on nine teen animals and their estranged friends as they make their way through both the troubles of high school and relationships, and a magical world with mysterious workings. We're currently looking for voice actors; if you see something in us that interests you, please feel free to submit something!

  • @hansky

    Angel and I have worked pretty closely for the past few months on her project 'Fears No More'. It is incredibly fun to attend meetings and help with the servers. Her plots are enjoyable and she is very generous with her time If anyone has any questions regarding characters and such.
    Also working as a voice actor for her, I can see both sides to the coin and get to see first-hand the ways she tries to keep VA's engaged even in postponed projects. 100% will be staying in Angel Paw Studios and working with her for the foreseeable future!