Sara Seferian

Sara Seferian

Screaming into a mic & hoping for the best

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About Sara Seferian

Hey there!

I've got a personable, enthusiastic and dramatic voice perfect for characters & animation! I love testing my range and working on projects that let me flex my creative muscle. Looking for a snarky sidekick? Femme boy? A supersonic character voice only heard by dogs? Yeah. I've got you covered.

Excited to potentially work with you on whatever project you're dreaming up!

Joe Zieja's Voice Acting Acedemy - 2023

Voice acting 101

Instructed by Joe Zieja

A comprehensive course that covers everything from genres to auditions to how to manage your VA business efficiently.


I typically charge between $1 and $3 per line. HOWEVER, pricing is flexible, and I'm more than willing to discuss your budget & project to find something that works for the both of us!

What Sara Seferian is looking for

Anything - animation, indie, video game projects, you name it. Let's get it done together!