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About SineadODS

I'm a huge fan of all things fantasy, be it Lord of the Rings, anime, or playing (and running) games of Dungeons and Dragons, you can bet I'm all over it! I'm not particularly good at video games, but I certainly try!

My dream goal is to have even just one person say that a character I voice is their favourite in something. Regardless of how big or small the role might be, just the thought that I can make someone happy by speaking is a huge boost!

I'm getting voicework lessons from Richard Horvitz (involved in: Invader Zim, Billy and Mandy, Helluva Boss, Angry Beavers) and hoping to find a comfortable place in the industry!

- 2021

The Five Steps

Instructed by Richard Horvitz

I received 1-1 coaching from Richard, as he went through his Five Steps programme to truly understanding voice acting as well as interpreting stories in new and interesting ways.


Pricing varies based on the nature of the piece, I am generally flexible.

What SineadODS is looking for

New and interesting pieces, I love strong narratives and political intrigue!

  • @joshbusch

    Sinead is as smart as a whip.
    Sinead's a great and versatile actor.
    Sinead can do a number of accents.
    Sinead is a joy to work with.
    So go work with Sinead today.

  • @wizardtim

    What an awesome experience it was to work with SineadODS!! She was so proactive about the role, helped us organize an awesome table read and even went above and beyond the requirements in her delivery by giving us awesome additional improvised lines and outtakes!!

    HIGHLY RECOMMEND WORKING WITH HER! She is incredibly talented!

  • @manshey

    Sinead has a great voice! She sent the required files quick and in high quality. Highly recommend!