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About SillyMinny

Min first discovered her love for animation and directing at the ripe, young age of 7! Growing up as an only child, the world was in her hands! With all of the free time she had, she did what any 7 year old would do in the early 2010s! Watch TV. Enthralled with the flashing colors, funny humor, and endless expression, she was inspired to make her own cartoon; her own original cartoon where she could express her imagination! From writing her own scripts, to editing her own episodes, Min made endless content for herself and only herself! Quickly, she took an interest, and her dream of wanting to animate cartoons and direct her own show is finally coming true! Ten years later, she still does exactly what she’s always loved! Making content that could put a smile on someone’s face! Her love for 2D character rigging, animation, and direction/production has only grown since then, just like her!

You can view more of her work through her twitter, tumblr, and instagram!
Connect with Min on Discord: sillyminny

SCAD Summer Seminar (Gold Scholarship) - 2022

Storyboarding and Character Design

Instructed by

Over June and July, I got the opportunity to stay on SCAD Atlanta's campus on gold scholarship.

AEHS VAC Magnet Program - 2024

Visual Art Center

Instructed by

The VAC is a magnet art program at Albert Einstein High School, located in Maryland, USA.