Shakuryon Steward

Shakuryon Steward

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counselor by Day, Southern Voice Actor by Night! VA with 3+ years of experience, and just discovered CastingCallClub as a Side-Quest to help creators! 

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About Shakuryon Steward

Hi! My name is Shakuryon "Shak" Steward, and I am wanting to be YOUR voice actor for your contract! With over five years of experience as a Voice Actor, I know what it takes to giving you the best services as a voice actor. Rated by Upwork in 2022, as one of the most popular voice actors in Alabama!

Need a Virtual Assistant (V.As.)? I have been a V.As. for many clients, such as being a voice for training modules for upcoming nurses in a hospital, and a V.As. for a Japanese factory needing voice recognition for English voices.

Need a YouTube Channel voiceover? If you check my reviews, you will see that I have performed for multiple clients' YouTube channels. This includes YouTube animations, "Big Tech" narration, professional narration, and more!

Accents? I have a natural Southern, African American Accent. However, I am able to perform a UK, Australian, and German accent if needed!


Why choose me?

- I won't just read your script and send you the file, I will utilize my professional setup and high-quality editing programs to make sure everything sounds crisp and there is no background noise to be heard.

- As a dynamic African American male voice talent, I can deliver a professional and or urban style, adding as much soul and flavor as needed.

- I use a broadcast quality pro home studio with remote recording capabilities.
- Along with quality work, I provide 5-star customer service. Every script gets my undivided attention so I can give my best performance to every client!

Ready to get started?