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About Torr

hello everyone who happens to be reading i am torganzer (on youtube)

and i am a 22 year old animator/writer and VA (occasionally) and am the creator of Soulgrinder (2018-2021) and Fluffy (2023)

I Usually come here if i need crew members and will always finish a project i start!

(sorry for the immature name, i made it years ago-)
i am the creator of Soulgrinder a 20 episode animated series (it has 3 full complete seasons that i've been doing by myself since the age of 15-16!)
(season 1-3 here)

Fluffy fighters full series here!

(PS: IMPORTANT: I am not very active on Castingcall so i do apologise if i respond to messages too late, i am mostly active  on discord (Dm me for the name if you need to) or Dm me on twitter!