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Charmeine ᗢ

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About Charmeine ᗢ

Hi! I'm Charmeine ! ᓚᘏᗢ [ 9teen / they/it prns ]

I've been doing voice acting here and there for a few years now, mainly these past 2-3 years!

I also have some experience with acting through theatre productions and some small projects! I sing a little, mainly as a hobby and I also draw as well! (my pfp is a drawing I made!)

What Charmeine ᗢ is looking for

My main interest is original productions, games, series, etc. but I also love fangans and the like! I joined casting call mainly to put myself out there a little more and be able to find more possibilities! My main goal is just to bring life to characters, and I love being able to see how things turn out and the reaction of the people, because either way it helps me improve!~