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Light Draws

"Let's try to start over again! And this time, we'll be prepared with anything!"

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About Light Draws

Hello! My name is Sel but please, call me Light. I'm a hobbyist animator/artist/writer or partial VA on YouTube, Tik Tok, Wattpad, and Instagram. I'm not currently planning to make projects due to work and some stuff but if I do, it'll be for writing and voice acting! ✨😌

Most of my former projects were cancelled under the events of the pandemic, quarantine, mental health etc. Now I hope at best to make good projects as my current goal to help develop good characters and storytelling. 

If you are an anime fan or someone who loves voice-actping I will hopefully plan to retry a small mini shorts of OCs I have for my characters, either for original stories, My Hero Academia, Demon Slayer: KNY, or so on. However, I keep no promise on this til I decided I'm good on full on development and planning scales! But if I am open for talent search, I'll update it at the nearest time!  👌✨

What Light Draws is looking for

My goal right now is currently remaking concepts for my stories and so! I'm mostly into the concept of working original/fanmade content such as short cartoons or anime/manga! So often, I will be making short OC animatic and shorts, and most of the time, I'm on search for VAs who can bring these characters to life! ✨