Hey! My name is Claire! I hope to work with you

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About Claire

I've participated in musical theatre for multiple years and I hope to bring my skills to the microphone! I love the feeling of getting to bring a character to life just from a few audio waves!


Let me know your rates and we can work around it!

  • @kaliumoon

    I've know Claire since September 2022, She gives all her effort and absolutely did an amazing job playing our main character! If you're looking for someone respectful and hardworking; She's the right person.

  • @socalashez

    Claire (@seabun) plays two elvish characters in the Sands of Slumber RPG Steam game. She initially auditioned for another role, but her voice is melodic and sweet and really filled into a few of the elven characters that I had in the game. I am proud to have had her on the project and she will be a great benefit to your world/project too!