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Brett Hund

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About Brett Hund

 I started acting at the age 5 but got bit by the comedy bug at age 14, where I quickly became Co-Head of the improv program at The Damon Runyon Repertory Theatre in Pueblo, Colorado. After high school, I attended The Young Americans College of the Performing Arts, where I studied Performance with an emphasis in Acting. Subsequently after I completed his education, I spent the next 3 years touring, performing, and teaching with The Young Americans around the globe. Through the Young Americans, I have performed in 18 countries and 35 states. Having just completed his Conservatory and The Second City Training Center in Chicago, I am currently producing and performing a horror/comedy podcast "The Hell Spawn's Guide to Success" and am looking forward to any and all future projects!

The Young American's College of the Performing Arts - 2019

Advanced Acting

Instructed by Kim Wimmer

An in-depth exploration into a variety of acting forms, from Shakespear to Film to Stage and more.

The Young American's College of the Performing Arts - 2017

Associates of Arts-Performing with Emphasis in Acting

Instructed by Various

2-year conservatory program going in depth in studying various forms of performing with an emphasis in acting techniques.

The Young American's College of the Performing Arts - 2018

Acting Techniques

Instructed by Vallorie Hudson

An intro to the acting proccess, cincentrating on scene work, character development, and the Stanislavski method.

The Young American's College of the Performing Arts - 2018

Vocal Techniques

Instructed by Aaron Kolberg

An in-depth study on the mastery of the voice and how to utilize it, concentrating mostly on singing, but also how to draw on it while speaking as well.

The Second City Training Center - Chicago - 2022

Grad Revu 1-3

Instructed by Various

A half-year conservatory program, following the completion and graduation of Conservatory 1-3, studying and implementing The Second City method for sketch writing and show production, culminating in a 4-show run at The Second City utilizing original material curated by the students/cast.

The Second City Training Center - Chicago - 2021

Conservatory 1-3

Instructed by Various

A half-year conservatory, studying the mechanics of comedy, starting from an improv background moving to sketch writing and pitching, all based around The Second City method with a showcase every 2 months to exercise the new tools learned.


Depending on the project: Day rate: 300/Day Hourly: 100/Hour. Please Inquire as price is negotiable.

What Brett Hund is looking for

I am open to voiceover projects and producing projects.