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About SassberrySnap

Hello! My name is Sass and I'm 16! I really like singing, voice acting, etc! I really really love Project Sekai <3
I like to write English lyrics for Japanese songs, and I like writing in general too! I am learning how to mix and stuff like that! I also love video editing!!

I can speak Japanese but I am not fluent in it. I'll need romaji to be able to speak it, but I promise I'm good at it! I mostly sing in Japanese as well!

If you want me in your project or to audition, contact me here or through Discord!


for free??? /ref 
If it's a paid project I will accept payment! I would like to do paid things at some point
I will turn in lines a looot quicker and stuff if it's paid, but if it's just for fun, I might be a biiit slower 

  • @mairimm

    Sassberry is an absolute dream to work with. They know how to get things done and are a wonderful sport.
    And that's not even covering their voice work. Hoo-boy, they are wonderful. Great singing, and even better voice acting! They can do a wide variety of different voices.
    Sassberry deserves any role they audition for. Enough said.

  • @deleted344365

    Sassberry is a really awesome, capable and talented person. i've worked with her in Retrospective for awhile now and i really love how talented, how well she does her work, her voice and her personality is also high quality! i could sum her up as one of the best and talented people ever so i really recommend her for voice work and many others to a 100%!!