Multi-award winning voice actor (NASA, US Airforce, G5, John Deere, Kodak, museum, pharmaceutical and more). A mimic with 4 Octaves of range: Accents, Languages & Beasts. for a Disco of Demos!

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Character Reel (1m audio)

Commercial Reel (1m video)

2023 Voice Arts Awards Nominee Outstanding Narration Demo (3m)

Winner Outstanding Video Game Trailer - Best Voice Over (video)

2X Telly Award Winning Regional Broadcast: Women in Ag for John Deere (video)

Salt is a Writer/Filmmaker/Screen & Voice Actor originally from Hawai’i; of mixed racial and ethnic descent (AAPI), with family roots in their home state of Oregon. Salt has been creating works of fiction her entire life, having won their first state-wide competition in kindergarten and thrown off stage in high school for their avant-garde art direction. At university she received the Dean of English’s recognition for Outstanding Voice, where they showcased her work to demonstrate what a strong voice in writing feels like.

Salt holds a BSc. in Computer Science, an MSc. in Cyber Security and had an exceptional career supporting multi-national health care initiatives; but time is a goon, everything changes and dreams get their day in the sun - finally.

Salt is an active member of the Society for Voice Arts & Sciences, President Emeritus of the Film & Media Makers Development Guild of Portland, a U.S. Army National Guard Veteran, has held a Gubernatorial appointment, and spent decades as a community builder, technologist and policy wonk advocating for dignity and wellbeing of the underserved around the world.

Salt filmed her first written & directed in 2021 and decided on a full-time showbiz career in 2022. Salt is honored and humbled to be surrounded by a community that anticipates their work as an emerging voice in Film & Media.